Personal training at the Fit

A new personal trainer program is in full swing at the Fit. Students, faculty and gym members now have access to four nationally certified trainers year-round, who will help them reach workout goals correctly, while avoiding injury.

Participants can choose to train individually, with a partner, or in a group of three or more. Discounted rates are offered to partners and groups.

Trainers are prepared to help each individual with personal goals. They can cater to strength and conditioning, flexibility, muscular strength and weight loss or maintenance. Abbey Jaffe, health promotions program coordinator, said the trainers can also accommodate those with physical disabilities or limitations.

"Whether you have heart problems, knee problems, back problems, or any other issues, we can help you," said Jaffe.  "If you prefer to use the pool, you can do that, too. We want to put together exercises that you will enjoy so that you will want to do them."

Sessions are set up to be convenient for any participant, and they can be scheduled for any time of day. Jaffe said participants can send their availability to her, and she will have a trainer that can be there.

"If you prefer a more private session, I recommend scheduling a session in the morning," Jaffe said. "The gym is less busy, and we have access to any of the workout studios. We can do whatever makes you comfortable, whether that means in private or throughout the gym."

Only a handful of students are currently taking advantage of the program, but trainers are prepared to take on many more.

"The goal of the program is to get people in the gym and show them that an active lifestyle can be fun, while still being beneficial," said Jaffe.

More information can be found or by contacting Abbey Jaffe at