Tech Activities Board trades giveaways for campus activities

Poinsettias, umbrellas and USB ports are some of the items given out in the past by the Tech Activities Board on their Tuesday giveaways. However, as some people have noticed this semester the front lobby of Roaden University Center has been quite empty. However, students no longer crowd the RUC lobby during dead hour hoping to receive some free goods. So why has this changed?

 “We’re working with a little less money than before,” said Katherine Winningham Williams, director of Students Activities. “Now, we’re focused on doing giveaways with more purpose.”

TAB events will be held one Thursday night a month from 8 p.m. until 1 a.m.

“It kind of works for the way they have it. It’s on a really bigger scale,” Matt Nisbet, Campus Compass adviser said of the plans for the new TAB night. The bigger scale includes the Video Game Tournament that was held in September. Upcoming events include Blackout Laser Tag and an Arcade Night, both held in the Multipurpose Room.

 “While giveaways are great we want students to come to more activities on campus,” says Williams.         

Students seem to be catching on and even liking the idea of the bigger events.

“It’s more than just getting an object. It’s more fun being social and getting out there,” said Rachel Donaldson, a senior Physical Therapy major.

The TAB team is looking for input and more help from students. If interested, head down to RUC Room 119 or call the Student Activities Administration at 931-372-3123.