Tech introduces virtual reality lab

Tennessee Tech is bumping it up a notch this semester with their new virtual reality lab that is currently under construction on the third floor of the library.

The H.I.V.E., or Hybrid Immersive Visualization Environment, will help students and researchers learn through visualization by stepping into the new age of technology using a 3-D multiwall reality system called the VisCube. Users will be able to navigate all sides of the human heart and see the internal structure as well.

“We want to help educate as many groups that will let us,” said H.I.V.E. director David Brown. “The purpose of today’s technology is to get ready for tomorrow.”

Brown said his department is currently creating a 3-D simulation of Derryberry in which students will be able to walk through the structure while inside the VisCube.

“Virtual/augmented reality and immersive higher dimensional visualization is a way of the future for education, entertainment, health care, engineering design, marketing, architecture and real estate,” said Bharat Soni, vice president for Research and Economic Development. “The future is here at Tech today.”

The VisCube is supposed to arrive here at Tech on Oct. 27 and will take about a week to construct. Brown’s goal is to start doing demonstrations on Dec. 1

The new virtual reality lab will be the first in the state of Tennessee, and the University is very excited to set the lead in visual learning.