“Assassins” now playing at Backdoor Playhouse

The musical “Assassins” has made its way to Tech campus and is scheduled to be performed at the Backdoor Playhouse for the next couple of weeks. This musical is under the artistic direction of Mark Creter and produced by arrangement with Music Theatre International.

This musical is known for its controversy, which is what drew Creter to this production. The controversy rests on putting human faces with iconic killers.

“I love a little controversy, the minds of killers have always fascinated me, and it seemed like an appropriate time given this is an election year and we’re discussing the nature of the presidency,” Creter said.

This musical shows the lives of nine individuals who assassinated, or tried to assassinate, the President of the United States. It explores the dark side of some parts of American culture. “Assassins” contains well written scenes and shows American music throughout the ages, from folk to 1970s soft rock.

This musical gets into the psyche of assassins while also looking at the gun culture in this country.

The dates for performances are November 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 14, and 15 at 8 pm. There are two other performances on November 13 at 10 pm and November 15 at 2 pm. This production is free for all Tech students with ID, $5 for Tech students without ID and non-students and $10 general admission.

The Backdoor Playhouse will also be holding an Employee Appreciation Night on November 11 for all Tech Employees with ID. They will charged the $5 admission.

“I think students will love it! The music is very listenable, there is quite a lot of humor in the show, and this is defiantly not a typical musicial. This ain’t no Annie!” Creter said.

For more information about “Assassins”, visit the Backdoor Playhouse webpage at www.tntech.edu/bdph.