Cookeville Food Scene

A visit to Maddux Station certainly merits individual reviews. No other Cookeville eatery encompasses the senses associated with savoring delectable fare. We have been told we eat with our eyes first. Because of this, Maddux Station’s eclectic mix of the industrial, contemporary and the traditional will be a feast for the soul. Exposed ductwork, an open kitchen, warm wood floors, and traditional rugs beg you to sit down and experience the culinary magic of chef Matt Henson. The pasta of the day, Linguini Bolognese, was a perfect, delicate marriage of beef and mushroom. Half a bowl, easily more than one serving, was featured at $5. The main entrée selected from the lunch menu was the Roasted Chicken with mashed potatoes, green beans and herb jus for a menu price of $10. The poultry was a thing of beauty. Roasted and perfectly seasoned, it was fall-off-the-bone. The side of green beans was perfectly cooked, retaining their structural integrity without the harsh crunch most blanched green beans feature. Lightly mashed and flawlessly salted, the mashed potatoes paired well with the chicken.

A visit to Maddux Station is a feast no Cookeville resident should miss. Attend lunch for discounted menu prices, attend the cooking classes and enjoy the wine tastings. Maddux Station took hold of the arts scene in Cookeville and gave it a touch of class.

Visit Maddux Station’s website at www.madduxstation.com for a complete listing of lunch and dinner options.

When you walk into Maddux Station you feel like you have been transported into a modern, artsy restaurant in the middle of New York City. With its industrial beams and local art work on the walls it’s hard to remember that this place sits on the square in our own little college town.

The floor plan of the restaurant is very open, including an open kitchen where you can watch Chef Matt Henson prepare the food right in front of you.

The first item I had on the lunch trip was the Mixed Green Salad, which included apple slices, cheddar cheese wedges, all covered in bacon vinaigrette. I have to say I’m not usually a fan of any type of vinaigrette but this one added the perfect amount of flavor to the salad. Before you think you could not possibly eat a salad with apples in it I think you should try it. The apples give it just enough of a sweet taste to complement the rest of the dish.

The main course of my meal was the pan seared salmon with roasted potatoes, spinach, and pesto butter. One word for this dish AMAZING! The food presentation alone was to die for.

The salmon had the freshest, melt in your mouth taste, out of any salmon that I have every eaten. The fish itself was topped with a salt mix that just made your mouth water when you ate it. As for the rest of the dish the spinach was perfectly sautéed and the roasted potatoes couldn’t have been any softer.

Overall this place is great for not only lunch with friends but also quiet, romantic dates.