Res Life explores residential colleges program further

Tech’s Residential Life Office is exploring possible ways to implement a residential colleges program.After a seminar in September that brought experts to campus to describe how residential colleges have blurred the boundaries between academics and college life, subcommittees of Tech representatives are now studying ways to successfully start a similar program here.

“Provost [Jack] Armistead created five university subcommittees that are meeting about these issues and reporting back to the administration every two weeks,” said Charlie Macke, Director of Residential Life.

Those subcommittees represent Facilities, Programming and Activities, Student Government Association, faculty support and Residential Life support.

Although no definite timeline has been established, administrators say they hope to have some plans in hand by the end of the year.

Officials say, however, it will likely be August 2010 before the residential colleges program goes into effect.

In spite of cuts that have eliminated nearly $4 million from Tech’s budget this year, the project will continue.

“The budget cuts might slow down the project, but they won’t stop it,” Macke said. “The things that need to be funded will be funded, even if they have to be done in stages.”

Although funding possibilities are still being studied, Macke said no money would come from academic funds.