Some Americans got what they wanted, some didn’t. So what’s next?

Ignorance and racism ended when Barack won the election on Tuesday night. Ha. Just joshin’ ya.

Tuesday night I played Ultimate Frisbee while people drove by on Willow Avenue screaming for joy. Wednesday morning flyers screaming hate were posted all over Henderson residence hall at Carson-Newman College. Henderson is a men’s dorm. This is what the text on the flyers read:

“It is what it is…What’s done is done…If you dont like it kill yourself. We didnt get 40 acres and a mule, but “our” president got 50 states and a white house. My president is black… dey faces are blue… and I be gaadd d*** if mccain didnt lose!!!”

What? Did you really think we’d wake up on Wednesday to warm fuzzy feelings and a brighter tomorrow?

The truth is, some people voted for Obama just because he is black and some people voted for McCain just because Obama is black. It’s still a sad world we live in, even after the Windy City Wonder won the electoral college.

Snap out of it. Obama said it himself. We’re probably going to have to elect him again if we want to “fix” the problems in America. People don’t seem to understand that “The Chosen One” being President isn’t going to fix anything if the American individual keeps sucking at life.

Dear racist white people: a man with a black father and a white mother is going to lead this country. Get over it and support him.

Dear racist black people: at least 50 million votes for Obama were cast by non-black voters. He didn’t get elected by the voting power of black people alone. He got elected because a lot of white people saw beyond his skin color. Racism will never be solved if we keep score and ask for old, un-rightable wrongs to be paid for.

So when people scream in joy while hanging out of a car window at 50 MPH, I smile and say, “Some things never change.”

And when people say and do racist things, I weep and say, “Some things never change.”

Conservatives are in a panic, but I’m not worried. This has happened before. Nations beg, beg and beg for “a savior” to come to power even when one man is in the back saying, “Hey guys, this is going to be disastrous. You know that right?”

The change hungry majority shouts back, “We don’t care!”

Israel begged Samuel to give them a “real king.” I guess a theocracy where God ruled wasn’t kosher anymore. So Samuel anointed Saul, and the people were even more miserable. But God made it right and through David and his lineage, he sent the world Jesus.

Years later the people begged Rome for a great protector and they got Caesar. That worked out well didn’t it?

Most recently, Cuba demanded a leader. They shouted his name in praise of their young leader with sweeping rhetoric and promises of change toward a rosy future. They loved him. It was some guy named Fidel Castro, I think. Not sure how that one turned out for the Cubans.

And in the background of the Jewish temple, in the back of the Roman Senate and in the back at some Cuban rally, there was always some guy, just one dude shaking his head saying, “We are sooo getting hosed.”

Right now, I’m that guy and in my entire life, I have never wanted so badly to be so wrong. I hope that in four years I look back and say, “Boy was I wrong in 2008.”

For now, I’ll just pray for Barack and his decisions.

Hey “Christians,” guess what? Hating Obama won’t fix anything. It will only harden your heart and create more sin in your life. Pray for Barack Obama because the Word implores you to. Read 1 Timothy 2:1-4 and hit up some prayer.

Christ said, “Give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s.”

That’s Mark 12:17. Mark was written by a man who most believe is the Apostle Peter’s biological son. This means that Peter taught Mark the teachings of Christ. This was after Peter was forced to pay Jewish and Roman taxes he thought weren’t fair. Jesus told him to pay his taxes and then provided a way for him to do it. Interesting, isn’t it? God takes care of those who obey his Word.

My dad once told me, “It’s not about how much you make. It’s how well you manage it.”

Manage your money wisely and God will bless that. Teach your kids to have a respect for the government, even when you disagree with those governing you. Pay your jacked-up Obama taxes with a glad heart and make sure that the 10% required of you goes back to the Lord, because it’s all his anyway.

I am now a Barack Obama supporter. Not because I like him or his policies, but because in two months he’ll be President of the United States and he’ll be my Commander-in-Chief. I’m not saying you should put his poster up in your room. I’m not telling you to name your new born son Barry. I’m just suggesting that we do whatever we can to help our country’s situation.

Start here: stop electing congressmen (and women) who don’t have the countries best interest in mind.

Think about it, the Senate and the House have an approval rating that’s lower than Bush’s. Wow, that’s doing something. But each has pretty high approval ratings as individuals. Let me spell this out: everybody in the country is saying, “Congress sucks, but not my senator and representative! They rock!”

Idiots. We’re all idiots.

Let’s say Obama really is “The Chosen One.” It doesn’t matter because we’re going to need about 535 more “Chosen Ones” to accomplish anything. The 44th President maybe “God’s gift to politics” as so many liberals have claimed, but with 500 stooges on Capitol Hill, one guy won’t fix it alone.

You see, this country will continue to suffer until we rid the world of career politicians and re-introduce an old political animal back into the wild-statesmen.

“Hi, I’m old school America-the one that used to take names and chew some bubble gum. And statesmanship is how I roll.”

Until that happens, I’ll just pray for us all. God Bless you. God help Barack Obama. God Bless America.