Higher numbers of students getting vaccinations

Flu shots have been given to a surprisingly high number of students compared to a surprisingly low number of faculty members since Health Services began offering the shots last month. Supervisor of Health Services Randy Tompkins says he is not sure why more students than faculty have received the shot.

“We have given in the neighborhood of 350 shots,” Tompkins said. “By far more students than faculty have received the shot, probably 3-to-1, and historically, it has always been the other way around.”

Tompkins believes that the changed response from the faculty could be because there has not been a significant outbreak of flu anywhere in the U.S. and therefore it has not been covered as much in the media.

Tompkins recommends getting the shot before Christmas.

“Starting in January, for about eight weeks, is the peak season,” Tompkins said. “Getting your shot before the holidays will allow six weeks for your shot to work, when it will be at its peak effectiveness.”

Those who have yet to receive a shot should act quickly Tompkins said.

“We only have a few left, with the possibility of getting more.”

Health Services places the order for the shots in the spring, but if there is a large demand Tompkins can possibly have more ordered.

“I suspect we will be out of them by Thanksgiving,” Tompkins said. “And if there is enough demand we will order more.”

Shots are available Monday through Friday in Health Services. The cost is $15 for students and $20 for faculty and staff.