Let’s stop pretending and just be honest. It’s murder and you know it.

“You pro-choice people, you need Roe versus Wade. You’re desperate for it. Not because you’re sure of your opinion, but because you’re not. You need to cling to that ruling as moral validation for a position you’re not entirely comfortable with deep down.”-William Shatner as Denny Crane in Boston Legal

Abortion is perfectly fine.if the unborn is not a human being. The question that we must first ask before anything else when concerning abortion is this: What is the unborn?

If the unborn is “just a lump of tissue,” which by the way that position is laughable and erroneous, then it is okay to abort. If not-if the unborn is a human being, then abortion is nothing short of murder.

If the unborn is a human being then there is no good reason or excuse for optional and/or elective abortion. None.

“The woman has a right to choose.”

You’re right, she had the right to choose to NOT have sex.

“What about rape and incest?”

The question remains: is the unborn a human being with human rights or not? If it is a human being then it has equal human rights and cannot be terminated even if his/her existence came about in a tragic or unfortunate way. Will a violation of human rights (rape) be corrected by another violation of human rights (abortion)?

“The baby has no right to its mother’s womb.” Ludicrous. If the baby doesn’t belong in the womb, then where? Is there a better location!? The baby didn’t electively move into the womb. The baby didn’t see a “For Rent” sign and call a real-estate agent. It was placed there by the mother and her male partner.

If you’re not ready to be a parent don’t have sex. This whole “sex is about artistic and self-expression, happiness and freedom” idea is amusing.

Engage your mind for a moment.

If everyone stopped having sex tomorrow, guess what would happen 40 weeks from now? People would still be leading fulfilled lives. People would still be able to express themselves artistically and emotionally. People would still have relationships, friendships and be able to function in society. However, babies-people-would stop being born. Reproduction would come to a screeching halt.

This all leads me to believe two things: one, the primary function of sex is human reproduction/procreation. Two, if you have sex and get pregnant, it’s not “an accident.” That’s what’s supposed to happen when a male and female have sexual intercourse.

By the way, when did we decide to trade one form of discrimination for another? When will the unborn get their civil rights movement? By nature, all human beings have intrinsic human rights because we are human.

Think about it.

“Hey, unborn baby you’re small, so you have less human rights. You’re not developed enough, either. Your degree of dependency on your mother is too high and you’re environment, or your location is just not good. You’re living in the womb, the body of someone else, and that makes you inferior. Sorry.”

Size: My friend Hannah is 4’11” and 90 pounds. I’m 6’4″, 210. Do I get more human rights than her?

Level of Development: My 19 year old sister is more developed than my 8 year old cousin. Does Laura have more human rights than Madison?

Degree of Dependency: People surviving on welfare have a much greater level of dependency than Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Do Bill and Steve have greater human rights?

Environment/Location: Do people in Ethiopia or Uganda have a lesser claim to human rights than us in America because their location is not like ours? Or could I have less human rights if all of a sudden my GPS coordinates changed?

“I had an abortion so I could be a better mother to my other kids.”

I must have missed the last episode of “Mothers Gone Mad.”

If I had a toddler and three teenagers, would smothering the toddler be accepted if I said, “I only did it to be a better father to the others”?

“I had the abortion because I’m poor and what kind of life could I give the child?”

So because you can’t give them a “good life,” you’ll end their life? That’s just great.

Try giving it up for adoption and don’t fool yourself. You’re not aborting for the babies’ well being. You are aborting because you are a selfish person.

Naomi Wolf is a big supporter of pro-choice and even she agrees. It’s all about you-you-you-you.not the kid and their best interest.

“I’m aborting because this pregnancy will interrupt my life.”

How about the little tike in your womb? Will aborting him/her interrupt their life? Or just end the life completely?

“We should make abortion legal to protect the life of the mother if it’s illegalized.”

While we’re at it, make armed bank robbery legal, too. The perpetrators might get hurt while stealing everyone’s money. We wouldn’t want that.

“Giving birth is dangerous to the mother.”

When did abortion become safer than giving birth? It hasn’t.

“We should trust women to make the right decisions.”

Sure. How about the mother in Texas that drowned all five of her kids in a tub? Should we trust her to make a right decision? Did she make the right decision?

Monday night, Alan Shore on Boston Legal said, “I am very pro-choice.but from a scientific and human perspective, it’s very hard to argue that life doesn’t begin at conception.”

Indeed it is.

We need to get to a point where we can admit, “Hey abortion is wrong and life does begin at conception, but I want it anyway because I’m selfish and scared of taking responsibility.”

At least then we can say we walk around in a little more honesty than before.

The most difficult question in this discussion is: what if the mother’s life is in danger?

I’d like to tell you a story. A man and his wife would go, as missionaries, to the Philippines every year. While Pam and Bob were preaching the gospel and serving the people, Pam got pregnant with their fifth child, a son. She was infected with a pathogenic amoeba (the leading cause of death in the Philippines) and her doctors pleaded with her to abort. She could lose her own life if she didn’t. Pam and Bob said, “No. We will trust God with the life of this boy.”

Later that night, Bob dropped to his knees. “God, if you want another preacher in this world, give him to me and I’ll raise him.”

So a man, whose wife and son could die, leaving him to raise four kids alone, trusted God. The husband and wife let God, who created life, decide the outcome.

On August 14, 1987, Pam gave birth to that boy and appropriately named him Timothy (1 Tim. 1:18). Timmy, as she calls him, grew up. He now stands at a daunting 6’3″ and weighs 238 lbs.

On December 8, 2007, Timmy won the Heisman Trophy.

Timmy is Tim Tebow.

What Tim Tebow does to defenses every Saturday is arguably assault with a deadly weapon…and he’s the weapon. But Abortion is murder, plain and simple-no matter how you slice it, dice it or run it over with Tim Tebow.