Review of “Assassins

“Assassins” was a production that the Backdoor Playhouse had never tried before. It had been many years since a musical was performed on that stage but from the performance at last night’s showing you couldn’t tell.This production was one that even in its sixth night of showing was still sold out. The audience was more interested in this play then they were texting on their phones, which we all know is hard for college students to do. Students chatted about what was going on in the play during the scene changes and intermission and continued to laugh throughout the entire production.

Who would have thought you could make the assassin of major leaders comically but they did it with this delightfully funny musical. There wasn’t a scene that didn’t continue some type of humor.

This was an interesting interpretation of the assassins of some of our presidents and perfect since this was such a heated election year.

All of the actors did an impressive job acting and sing but their set changes were impressive.

It wouldn’t be fair to say that any one actor stood out more than the rest because everyone did an amazing job with their characters. We can’t forget that without some other people this play would not have even been possible. The production staff and musicians for “Assassins” also did great.

This play is definitley worth seeing if you haven’t seen it yet, and if you have maybe you should see it again.

The last showings of “Assassins” are November 14 and 15 at 8 p.m. with matinee showing at 2 p.m. also on the 15th.