ScholarWeb aims at saving students time

ScholarWeb is saving Tech students’ time while giving them money.ScholarWeb is an online application for Tech scholarships including department scholarships, private donor funded scholarships and university money scholarships.

Filling out one basic application automatically applies the student for all scholarships available.

With all of the information in one place, applying for scholarships is simpler than before when students had to visit the different departments to apply for different scholarships.

“Typically we give away six million dollars a year in scholarships,” Assistant Director of Financial Aid Adriane King said.

The deadline to apply for University scholarships is Dec. 15.

“I would encourage every current student to apply,” King said, “There are some really specific scholarships not necessarily based on just GPA or ACT.”

ScholarWeb also features a search engine that enables students to submit their information to see what scholarships they are able eligible to receive.

To access ScholarWeb visit www.tntech.edu/scholarships. For any questions regarding scholarships, visit the scholarship office in Derryberry Hall 304A.