Craft Center Cutbacks

The Appalachian Center for Craft received less funding this fiscal year, and with a substantially smaller budget to work with, cutbacks have been made. There is less money for faculty travel, materials, and operational costs as a whole.

“Exhibitions and visiting artists have been greatly reduced,” said Ward Doubet, Appalachian Center for Craft director.

He said this reduction in funds has not affected the quality of the program or the amount of interest shown in it.

The cuts in the program have not resulted in the loss of any jobs, and were designed to effect students as little as possible. Some areas where funding was reduced will not cause noticeable change for years, and then only if the smaller budget becomes permanent.

“We are relying more heavily than ever on volunteer work and local artists,” said Doubet. “Outside funds have helped significantly as well.”

The Craft Center received more than one-hundred thousand dollars in grant funding this year.