Marketing department releases former “More Than Tech” campaign

Tech’s marketing department is re-releasing its campaign of More Than Tech. Radio spots, television ads and a coordinating website complete the campaign.

“Students today do a majority of research of colleges on the web,” Web and Digital Media Director Matthew Gann said.

MoreThanTech.org is a separate coordinating website from Tech’s homepage that helps prospective students locate links to information that might be relevant for enrollment.

“MoreThanTech.org was launched to help prospective students get the information they need a bit quicker,” Gann said.

Bobbie Maynard, marketing director, expects the campaign should be up and running by the first two weeks of March.

According to Maynard ads will run in Nashville, Knoxville and Chattanooga on television and radio stations.

The slogan theme was originally coined to distinguish Tech from two- year technical schools.

“‘More Than Tech’ also speaks to the fact that Tennessee Tech is strong academically in engineering and the sciences,” Maynard said, “but that the university also offers much more, including a wide range of programs and majors from music to nursing and more.