RHA plans tournaments, Spring Fling

The Residence Hall Association is kicking off the semester with plans including Hall Tournaments and the Spring Fling. Led by its president, Brandon Jelson, and committee of students, RHA is working on several events to increase campus participation.

March will welcome Hall Tournaments featuring Halo, ping-pong and kickball.

“It would be ideal if we could set up eight projectors with eight X- boxes to have two people on each game for a total number of 16 players at one time,” Jelson said. “We would also like to see hall against hall games, which would bring rivalry, but also comradeship.”

The video game portion of the hall tournaments last year brought out a record number of people and surpassed the 200 mark. RHA staff realized the Tech Pride Room was too small and has high hopes of reserving the Multipurpose Room.

For the spring semester, RHA and the Tech Activites Board plan to celebrate with Spring Fling.

Last Spring Fling feature a concert by Corey Smith in Sherlock Park along with Spring Fling games. This year, however, the games portion will be cut because of budget cuts.

Residential Hall Coordinator Andrew Moneymaker said, “I am confident though that with TAB and RHA working together on it, we will have a great event that students will enjoy.”

RHA said it is always looking for ways to improve student life on campus and off. The General Assembly meetings concerning student life are open to residents and any suggestions.

Contact Brandon Jelson at bmjelson21@tntech.edu or Andrew Moneymaker at amoneymaker@tntech.edu for questions or comments regarding RHA events.