Spring Intramurals kick off

Faculty, staff and students have an opportunity to participate in a variety of team and individual intramural sports this spring.According to Intramural Coordinator Darren Gregory, individuals looking to get involved in a team sport may run into trouble if they do not already have a group of team members.

“It works best if people already have a team ready when they sign up,” Gregory said.

However, for those without a team, there is a possibility of being added to a team.

Individuals can put names down on the free agent sign-up sheet. Teams needing more players can get people off of the list.

The sign-up sheets for team sports are located in the University Recreation office on the second floor of the fitness center in room 220.

“The form has everything you need to fill out to play an intramural sport,” Gregory said. The back of the form includes the roster where teams can enter their players.

In case a person is not able to get on a team, there are still many other individual sports available to get involved in.

Table tennis, basketball, dodge ball, and wrestling are some of the activities being offered this semester.

Anyone interested in playing any of these sports must meet the requirement of six or more credit hours to be eligible to play.