Horton, SGA suggest online forum to address TBR questions

Despite the fact that Tech Student Government Association members did not attend Monday’s rally, SGA said that it is seeking ways to help students understand the Tennessee Board of Regents current plans.”I didn’t make it [to the rally] because I had too many test this week,” SGA President David Horton said. “But let me assure you that we are working very hard on having the [potential] TBR decision of the tuition cap rescinded.”

SGA is considering a potential way to better connect with students.

Horton came to Editor Daniel Flatt to discuss the possibility of creating on online forum where students can voice their concerns about the proposed TBR budget changes. He said he felt this would be a good way for students to get in touch with their SGA.

The Oracle is considering supporting the forum on its new Web site.

If created, the forum would allow students to pose questions about the changes to SGA officials. Students could also suggest innovative ideas to help Tech save on the cost of running the University. The forum would serve as an intellectual platform, not a generic message board, on which students can communicate concerns to SGA. Horton said he feels this would help SGA to better understand student concerns.

SGA is also supporting a resolution calling for action concerning the TBR proposals. Horton co-signed the resolution with other TBR SGA presidents. It was sent to both members of the Tennessee State Education Committee and the Tennessee House of Representatives Education Committee.

“We are going directly to TBR and university Presidents,” Horton said.

The American Association of University Professors supports SGA’s efforts regarding TBR.

AAUP Tech Chapter President and instructor of English Andrew Smith said, “I am happy to say that I think the combined (resolution) written by SGA Presidents state-wide is an ambitious statement on behalf of Tennessee students everywhere.”

SGA Senator from the College of Arts and Sciences Sean Ochsenbein agrees with Horton.

“I think there was not a present SGA member from TTU there because they’re trying

to solve the problem in a more diplomatic fashion,” Ochsenbein said.

According to Horton, President Bell will be meeting with SGA on Feb. 24 to discuss new developments regarding proposed TBR changes.

“The situation has been changing on a weekly basis,” Horton said, “and I think it would be best to wait and see what will be happening before we make any plans.