Tech student arrested for aggravated burglary

Tech police arrested John Kraemer, 20, on charges of aggravated burglary on Feb. 2.According to the Tech police report filed by arresting officer Sergeant Douglas Fowler, Bethany Ellingwood returned to her dorm room in New Hall with a friend to find Kraemer inside.

Ellingwood filed a complaint with Hall Director Molly Dittmer stating that their drawers and bags were open when they returned to Room 445, where Ellingwood resides.

The report states a purse was open in the room and that one of the women said she had seven or eight one-dollar bills in the purse before they left. There was no money in the purse upon returning. The women confronted Kraemer in the hallway. He told them he did not have the missing money. Kraemer emptied his pockets, telling the women to take his money. His pockets contained seven one-dollar bills.

Fowler stated in the report that he spoke with Kraemer in Dittmer’s office. Kraemer told Fowler he was sitting in the lobby watching television when he spoke with a girl named Morgan. He then told Fowler that he entered Ellingwood’s room and sat on the bed just before Ellingwood and her companion entered and “started freaking out.”

The report said Fowler spoke with both women and “advised them to speak with their parents about what action they wanted to take.”

Fowler also next spoke with Dean of Students Edwin K. Boucher about keeping Kraemer from entering the New Hall. Boucher is reported as saying that Kraemer could be handled and kept away from New Hall in the future.

Fowler obtained a warrant for Kraemer’s arrest from the Putnam County Justice Center on Feb. 2. At 7 p.m., Fowler spoke again with Dittmer who reported two other residents had their doors shaken and one had her door opened around 9:30 p.m. on Feb. 1.

Fowler made contact with Kraemer by the UC following his night class. Fowler advised Kraemer of his rights, placed him under arrest and transported him to the Putnam County Justice Center where he was booked.