Regents Online Degree Program

Do you find it difficult to get up in the morning? Would you rather go to class on your own time?
TBR schools may hold the key to your success with the Regents Online Degree Program.
“Online classes through RODP are simply another way to take classes,” said Tammy Boles, Interdisciplinary Studies coordinator of programs. “It’s great for people who can’t make it to campus or want to earn an online degree.”
Tech offers two degrees with the Regents program including an Interdisciplinary Studies degree and a professional leadership degree. The professional leadership degree has two concentrations including information technology and organizational leadership.
“There is no cap on RODP courses, every hour costs,” Boles said.
One single three hour course online costs $795 compared to an on campus three hour class which costs $756.
“Twelve hours of on campus classes cost $2,622, and that is only if you don’t take classes that require additional fees. Twelve hours of online classes through RODP costs $3,180, which is only a $558 difference. If you think about not having to pay for gas and parking the price is very similar,” Boles said.
RODP also offers courses for other majors if professors decide to post the coursework online.
Students do not have to earn a complete RODP degree in order to take online classes. For instance, fourth year Tech student, and communications major Madi Dailey was able to take two courses online while completing her Communication degree.
“I loved the program because I was able to complete the course work in Louisiana this summer at my own convenience,” Dailey said.
Also students who are unable to come to campus due to illness, commute, pregnancy or injury would be able to complete their degree through these courses.
For more information on the RODP visit http://www.rodp.org/campus/tntech.htm.