A helping hand

Many times throughout college students may encounter problems that seem to get them in a rut. Problems occur often, it’s a way of life, but when it gets serious enough to affect your tenure at college is when it’s imperative to get help. The Student Counseling Center is here to do just that. It’s their job to work with students so that they can solve there own problems and make the grades they need to graduate. The problem is a lot of students are hesitant to seek this help out due to insufficient information or maybe their just nervous about speaking to someone they don’t know.

Cynthia Bryant, assistant director of the counseling center said “One thing that might help hesitant students access our services is to read our website first in an effort to feel more comfortable. Our staff understands that it is not easy to come for counseling and we appreciate that it takes courage to come in.”

The fact is that they’re on campus with the soul purpose to help those in need. Their guidance ranges from pinpointing possible eating disorders to workshops on how to manage time which usually seems to be a problem with incoming freshmen. So it makes sense that if a student cannot find a way to help their problems then they need to seek guidance from the counseling center.

“A friend might “walk over” to our office with a student,” said Bryant, “Students come to the Counseling Center for a variety of reasons, including test registration. All services are confidential with a few exceptions. See our website for information regarding confidentiality.”

The center wants to induce a feeling of comfort for all of the students so that their college experience isn’t lessened by problems that could be solved with a simple office visit.

The counseling Center’s mission statement is as follows:

“As a member of the Division of Student Affairs, the Counseling Center’s mission is to promote healthy student development during the college experience. In our efforts to accomplish this, we offer a wide range of mental health, educational, career, and consultative services to students and other members of the campus community.”

The center has many pamphlets with useful information for students; they also schedule workshops to aid in the areas that everyone should need to make it in college. For further information please visit the center’s website at http://www.tntech.edu/counsel/index.htm