Single mother loses mind, has 14 kids

Nadya Suleman just recently became the mother of eight. Scratch that. She became the mother of 14. After having octuplets 9.5 weeks premature, she brought her grand total up to 14. She already had six kids before the octuplets. By the way, “octuplets” isn’t even recognized by Microsoft Word. The red squiggly line was driving me nuts so I “added it to the dictionary.”

So.this woman had eight kids at once. Have you heard about this? Eight! Plus, the other six! She’s got 14 kids to care for and three of the older kids have disabilities. One is autistic. That’s tough. It seems like she’s got her hands full.

Man, it’s a good thing the father is such a wonderful provider for his family. Oh, what a minute, Suleman doesn’t have a husband. She’s single. Single moms are some of the bravest women on the planet, but most of them don’t choose to be single moms-and only one of them chose to be a single mom of 14. Suleman has no husband, but it’s okay because she’s got a great job, right? Nope. She’s unemployed. Oh, I must have forgotten to mention she’s a trust fund kid, and she’s is so wealthy she makes Bill Gates look like a guy on the corner of Spring and Willow begging for loose change. Dang. That’s not true either. She’s broke as a joke and buried in student loans. She’s not receiving child support either. Why? Because all of her kids were born after the use of invitro-fertilization. The sperm was from a volunteer donor who is not legally responsible for any of the 14 kids.

By the way, IVF can cost up to $15,000. In laymen’s terms, she had six kids injected into her over a period of time and when she did it again, two eggs split off into two sets of identical twins. So, after having six kids via IVF, she decided to have six more but all at the same time (because she didn’t want to wait and have six more, one at a time) and oops, six became eight. Is anyone else is wondering where a woman with six kids, no job, no husband, no college degree and a crap ton of student loans got the cheddar for IVF? It’s crazy. She didn’t have the cash for one round of IVF, so she got it for free.11 times. That’s more than $110,000 (maybe even $150,000) in free IVF. Who the heck is the mad scientist playing doctor that hooked her up for free? He’s lost his mind.

And she’s even crazier. She is deluded, sick and needs help. Her kids need to be taken away from her-all of them. I’m serious. There are intelligent people all over the country that can’t have kids. They would love to parent just one of these kids. Watch some YouTube clips. They are adorable. The sad thing is, one of the daughters is actually smarter than her mom. The daughter was asked what she thought of 14 kids being parented by her mom and it was all she could do to not roll her eyes at the camera and shake her head in disgust. This little girl is like five or six, and even she recognized the neurotic insanity rushing through her mom’s brain.

Let’s check out some quotes from Nadya Suleman, aka “Octomom.”

“I’m loving them unconditionally, accepting them unconditionally. Everything I do, I’ll stop my life for them and be present with them and hold them and be with them. And how many parents do that? I’m sure there are many that do, but many don’t. And that’s unfortunate. And that is selfish.”

No. What’s unfortunate is that Nadya was too deluded to think clearly. And how dare this woman use the word selfish. She is possibly the most selfish parent alive. She wanted kids, kids and more kids, and she never stopped to think about anything but her own wants and desires. She put her desires above the needs of 14 other people that she and she alone is responsible for.

“I know I’ll be able to afford them when I’m done with my schooling,” Suleman said.

No, she won’t. The degree she is getting will only bring in about $60K a year. How could she possibly think having kids before she got a degree would be a good idea? She’s 33 and doesn’t have a degree. These kids are going to cost at least $1.5 million and that’s only until all of them turn 18. Where is she going to get that kinda money? And what about college?

Suleman also said,”That was always a dream of mine growing up, to have a large family..I just longed for certain connections and attachments with another person that I really lacked.”

Hey, guess what? Not all dreams come true. If I dream of doing something, does that mean I can endanger 14 kids to get what I want in this life? No. And wow, she lacked connections and attachments? Maybe that’s because she’s deluded and not capable of functioning like the rest of us. Her own mom thinks she’s lost touch with reality. This entire situation displays just how careless people are with life. The doctor lost his mind and gave this crazy lady free IVF. This woman decided to achieve her dream and she endangered 14 helpless kids.

This world is totally depraved, and this woman is a prime example of how delusion can make something so wrong seem right and good.