Health Services offers women’s health service

Health Services now offers a special Women’s Health service to all female students, faculty and staff at Tech.All female students, faculty and staff can receive services such as complete physical examinations, birth control administration, sexually transmitted disease testing, Pap smears, and breast examinations.

Physical examinations are included in each visit and are $25. Patients are also counseled to ensure a complete understanding of the examination results.

“The physical examination covers everything from head to toe,” said Health Services L.P.N. Phyllis Kilgore. “It’s a full-body physical like you would get for work.”

Breast examinations are included in the physical and the patient is taught how to do a self-examination. Health Services nurse practitioner, Nancy Richardson, is certified in breast examinations and completes the examinations.

Pap smears cost between $14 to $20 and are conducted by female nurse practitioner Richardson. She is only available on Tuesdays at Health Services. However, male nurse practitioner Randy Tompkins is available Monday through Friday if necessary.

STD testing is free for diseases such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis. HIV testing is $20. Kilgore said that HIV and syphilis tests are done for free at most health departments. Along with testing, patients are educated on how STD’s are contracted, signs of STD’s, protection methods, and testing procedures.

“It’s totally confidential,” Kilgore said. “The only people who will know is us and whoever you choose to tell.”

Kilgore explained that the Women’s Health section is in a different area than the general health services area. However, when walking in no one will be able to tell which way the patient goes, whether to Women’s Health or to the general Health Services.

Patients are also educated about birth control facts and methods and emergency contraception. Birth control pills are $11 per month and the patient’s blood pressure and weight are monitored each month as well as the pill’s affectivity. The prescription can also be called in for patients that want to use their insurance and its price.

Other contraceptives offered include the $23 Depo-Provera-a contraceptive injection, the $2 Vaginal Contraceptive Film (VCF), and the $33 Plan B.

Kilgore said the most common problems that most women go into Women’s Health for is stress-related irregular periods, birth control and yearly Pap smears. She also says that she would encourage women to take multivitamins to prevent them from having any problems. Multivitamins are available at Women’s Health for $3 for three months. Kilgore stated that they are the equivalent to Women’s One A Day.

Women’s Health accepts cash, check, credit card or a charge to student account to pay for the medications and services.

Health Services has “Women’s Health” days on Tuesdays. Nurse practitioner Nancy Richardson only comes on Tuesdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and appointments are necessary. Appointments can be schedule within a week to two weeks of time the patient calls. However, there is a $10 non-cancellation fee because of appointment availability. Women’s Health is open all-year long and with be able to schedule appointments throughout the summer.

Women’s Health is located in Health Services at the corner of Seventh Street and Mahler Avenue. To make an appointment call Health Services at (931) 372-3320.