Some Spring Break Tips

1. If you’re driving, check your fluids, tire pressure and luggage security. (Zolpidem) Don’t let faulty bungees donate your clothes to a ditch.2. Make a checklist, you know, like your grandma would. It seems excessive but forgetting the necessities can do you in.

3. Have tools and roadside items on that checklist. In case of a flat or a minor break down, a good set of tools could be your savior.

4. Just like you mom would, get a first-aid kit and your insurance card. Who knows what shenanigans you could hurt yourself doing.

5. Rub on that sunscreen. Nobody wants to shake it with a red hot burn.

6. Drink extra water. Don’t let all the drinking and sun dehydrate you.

7. Secure your wallet and important items on your person. Look out for pick-pocketing tricksters that might prey on tourist-ridden crowds.

8. Have fun, be safe and unwind.