Chartwells themes meals, looks to mix up student dining

When you walk into the cafeteria for lunch or dinner there is chance that students may be doing more than eating and talking. The chance that an activity is going is great with Chartwells, Tech’s campus dinning services.”The activities and themed meals that we hold are what we consider monotony breakers,” said Walter Buck, residential dining director for Chartwells.

The activities that Chartwells holds range from cupcake decorating to the most recent activity, the March Madness Free Throw Tournament. The free throw tournament was scheduled to start last week, but due to equipment problems has been delayed until April 4.

The prizes range from a t-shirt, gift cards, iPod shuffle, to a digital camera. The rules and sign up is located at the cashier counter in the cafeteria.

Chartwells also holds themed meals every month. These meals range from Italian to Kenyan to Australian. The themed meals start at 4 p.m. and go until 6:30 p.m. when the cafeteria closes.

“Our chef goes online to find the menu, and we serve what we can make here without the prices being too high,” said Buck.

Chartwells post the events for the month in the cafeteria and Swoops.