Health Services offers more medical help in new facilities

Health Services is offering a wide range of medical services to students for free.Students can go to Health Services and receive medical help such as immunizations, allergy shots, treatment for athletic injuries, and even treatment for gynecological problems.

“We can handle most anything that any general practitioner office can handle,” said Randy Tompkins, Health Services nurse practitioner.

Health Services moved to their new location on Seventh Street and Mahler Avenue in August 2008 with up-to-date equipment. Moving to the new location has also allowed them to begin the Women’s Health section. Tompkins said that he, personally, saw an increase of 200 more patients in the first three months of the fall semester than the previous year at that time.

“The facility makes it better to provide better services,” said Tompkins.

The care provided by the medical staff is free to students and $20 for faculty and staff per semester. However, each patient will be charged for medications, laboratory work, procedures, and medical supplies.

“All they would have to pay for, generally, is our medications, which is a very minimal charge,” Tompkins said.

Health Services accepts cash, check, credit card or a charge to student account. Insurance is not required by Health Services, however, it is encouraged.

“I would encourage everybody to have insurance,” said Tompkins. “Because if you do have to go off campus or to the emergency room, it can get rather expensive without insurance.”

Although Health Services cannot manage chronic illnesses, they can aid in managing some chronic illnesses. They also provide general medical and nursing care for acute and minor medical and surgical problems

Health Services can diagnose and treat most athletic injuries. Well-patient physical examinations are also provided for free if class related and $25 if not class related. Other services provided are tuberculin skin testing, ear irrigations and specimen collection (blood, urine, etc.).

The most common reason students go into Health Services are for upper respiratory infections and sore throats. Tompkins also gave five tips to staying healthy:

Adequate rest

Balanced diet

Frequent Hand-washing

Avoid crowds when possible (especially during flu season and communicable disease outbreaks)

Avoid excessive alcohol intake (it lowers the immune system)

Health Services, located at the corner of Seventh Street and Mahler Avenue, is open Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and appointments are not necessary.

A complete listing of offered services can be found on their web site at http://www.tntech.edu/healthservices/services.html.