Tech Student’s Participation in Health Fair made it a Success

Students were not only targeted in this year’s Campus Wide Health Fair with a purpose of promoting health and wellness, but they were a significant contributor in the success of the Fair on Tuesday. The Health Fair reached a new record of attendees with 1,986 people entering the doors of the fitness center, many of which were students.

However, Tech student’s provided more than just their presence at the Health Fair.

“Our staff was excited that TTU students not only attended in record numbers, but that they had their own booths,” Ramona Pennington, health promotions coordinator said.

Zac Wilcox, associate professor of counseling and psychology, had six different booths ran by students from his Health Psychology class. Human Ecology Professor, Dr. Cathy Cunningham’s Community Nutrition class had a booth called “Don’t Gamble with your Health.” EXPW Major’s Club had “Dance Dance Revolution” at a booth to get students involved. And one student endorsed nutritional products he is selling.

Many Tech departments also played a vital role in efforts to educate the students in health and wellness areas. Health Services, Women’s Center and Dining Services all helped make the day a success.

The Health Fair effectively delivered its message to students in many fun ways. The many giveaways and freebees at each booth gave students something for remembrance of the message exhibitor’s was trying to convey. There were also door prizes at many stations that helped to lure people over and get them involved. It also gave them a chance to win something they could enjoy that was specifically correlated with the exhibitor’s purpose in promoting health and wellness. The fair also had many games, such as Wii, corn-hole, and “Dance Dance Revolution”, which not only helped generate student interaction but made it fun for students.

Campus Recreation was very pleased in the student turnout and the whole day in general. They are already looking for more ways to improve the fair for next year and to find new ways to give students the important information they need to know about their health in a fun and interactive way.