The Alarm System That Cried Emergency

May I have your attention please, may I have your attention please, there is really not an emergency! Well at least there really wasn’t an emergency on Monday or Tuesday when the alarm system asked everyone to evacuate the building.
On Monday the alarm system sounded three times in the course of ten minutes.
The glitch was “evidently due to a computer programming error,” said Jim Cobb, director of Environmental Health and Safety.
“There are technicians on site working diligently on identifying the problem,” Cobb said.
According to Cobb, it is unclear when the problem will be fixed, but students will receive an email notifying them as soon as possible.
These warnings are announced over the fire alarm speakers and are activated by the single point activation public address system. They are only located in select buildings where the new fire alarm system has been installed.
For the buildings that the new fire alarm system has yet to be installed, a telephone speaker system will announce the emergency warnings over a digital phone speaker. In these buildings there is an assigned building coordinator who is in charge of this notification.
“We apologize for the disruptions and inconvenience,” Cobb said.
To find a list of buildings that have implemented the new alarm system, and which buildings are still awaiting the update visit the campus wide notification plan at http://www.tntech.edu/ehs/notification.html.