Chartwells changes meal plan usage policy

Some students may remember using a meal on their self and a friend in the Tech cafeteria in previous years. This year, however, some changes have been made to the meal plan usage policy.According to the new policy, “Students on the 19, 15, or 10 meal plans may not use a meal to ‘treat’ a guest Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. They may use a meal to ‘treat’ a guest Friday or Saturday. They may use dining dollars at any time.”

Students on the unlimited plan or on a commuter plan may still use their meal plan to buy meals for a friend.

Every year, Chartwells food services reviews what can be improved for the approaching year. In Tech’s case, using someone else’s meal plan increases the food usage. If the students want to spend meals on others seven days a week again, there would have to be a six percent increase in the cost of all meal plans on campus.

“I’ve never seen food cost rise in my 25 years of doing this,” said Sam Holm, resident district manager of Chartwells. “This year, we saw double digit inflations.”

Holm, while being associated with food services at seven universities, has never come across a guest meal plan like the one used last year.

“I’m not your age anymore,” Holm said. “But this is what I would like as a parent.