Mr. West, you’re the best

When you woke up Monday morning and checked your Facebook news feed, did you see the same chain of ‘I hate Kanye West’ or ‘Kanye sucks’ updates I did? If you did, then you probably quickly decided if you are on Team Swift or Team West. Here is why you “Swifters” should be on Team West.

West is a man of principle and is willing to fight for what he believes. He took his mark as a concerned citizen to fight against what he saw as an injustice. However, I’ll admit that his methods were questionable.

But, he was just doing what he saw on television.

Maybe he should have got on stage and started screaming about health care reform or only interrupted Swift’s speech from the crowd. If he had, half the country would support him regardless of factual evidence.

When West seized the microphone, he should have said, “Taylor, I like you, but you lie.” He could have raised over a million dollars for being what people consider “a jerk.”

At least West didn’t flash a sign depicting Swift as a Nazi, socialist, Marxist, communist, or the rare but apparently plausible Nazi-communist, the Nammunist.

Maybe, West is the victim here. Taylor Swift definitely isn’t.

Swift should be thanking him for interrupting her speech. What better public relations could you ask for? She is now the victim that almost everyone wants to rally behind.

And who is the ultimate winner in the whole ordeal? Beyonce Knowles.

She received the Moonman for winning the Video of the Year category and she played the role of a caring friend to Swift at no cost to herself. Knowles has done the award show routine before and doesn’t need the limelight at such a prestigious event.

This is the kind of exposure that everyone wants, but can’t buy.

Or can you?

Can we really believe that at least some part of this whole event wasn’t staged? MTV has a recent record of producing such outrageous and “unexpected” events.

Remember Brüno-gate at the MTV Movie Awards earlier this year? MTV admitted that was a publicity stunt.

What about the “reality” show “The Hills,” which is produced by MTV? The show may be unscripted but there are scenes in the show that at least bait the actors to behave in a certain manner.

We should wait to see what MTV has to say about this down the road. I have a hunch Kanye-gate might not be wholly genuine. Could MTV possibly be using West to make social commentary?

Whether you see West’s performance at the Video Music Awards as original or staged, he remains the real victim.

He exposed the flaw in how debates are being carried out in this country and is now being crucified. Maybe through his sacrifice we can take a look at debating itself in a non-partisan manner.

Can’t we all now see that just yelling and being loud doesn’t make us right?

Thank you Mr. West, you are the best.