Rugby still seeks new coach

The sun came out for a little while on Saturday afternoon as Tech rugby took on Western Kentucky.Although Tech started off strong, with a 10-10 tie at the first half, their defense fell short in the end, giving Western Kentucky a 34-10 victory.

TTU Rugby President, Nate Xanders said Tech simply lost this match by not being able to make tackles. He said they had trouble “wrapping up and making the low tackles.”

“Every loss is something else to work on and improve for the next game,” according to Xanders. “We will be sure tacklers by the next game.”

Tech rugby has had to make some adjustments so far this year, as they’ve started out the season without a coach.

Former Coach, Scot McCreight, who has been involved with Tech Rugby since he was a player in the early 90’s, is going in a new direction now that he’s finished up graduate school at Tech.

Although Tech is currently looking for a permanent replacement for McCreight, the team seems to be coping fine with the new arrangements.

Xanders has noticed the way the older guys have stood up and taken on the responsibility, becoming “really good coaches” for the new players.

“They’ve just done a great job of teaching the guys the game,” Xanders said.

He noticed this when one of the older players taught a bunch of new guys how to “poach” a ball, and then the next game they were poaching really well.

Tech plays again this Saturday at the University of Tennessee. Their next home match is Saturday, Oct. 3 against UT Martin.