Tech police searching for vandalism suspects

Tech police are still searching for suspects involved in spray painting derogatory words and pictures on campus property and student vehicles. According to the Tech police report filed on Sept. 19, several students reported that their vehicles had foul words and pictures painted on them.

One complainant stated that his vehicle, located in the parking lot north of the Capitol Quad, had a picture of male genitalia drawn on the passenger side window. Two other cars were found in the same parking lot with “F*** U” and other offensive words drawn on them in black and white paint.

Following the initial reports of the three cars found vandalized, another complainant reported that a larger group of cars and some of campus property had been effected. At least six more vehicles were defaced in the same paint on North Whitney Avenue. The initials “B.P.” and “W.P.” were on the cars. The Regional Health building, along with brick enclosures, sidewalks and electrical boxes, was painted on as well.

To report evidence or for more information on this case, contact campus police at (931)372-3234 or stop by the police department at 845 N. Dixie Ave.