The Power Play: You say your team’s lousy? Believe me, I hear you

It can be hard being a sports fan sometimes. You sit through all the games, wondering, wishing, hoping, and even praying that your team will pull out a much-needed win.It’s that much harder when your guys haven’t had much success. Cubs’ fans are the best example. No championships in 100 years and the saying “wait ’til next year is their mantra.

There are those who have been at the doorstep of victory only to see it snatched away.

Red Sox fans know that feeling but are now reaping the rewards of patience, with two World Series titles in the last five years after an 86-year drought.

And then there are those fans whose teams can’t get out of the basement. I, unfortunately, fall into that category.

I won’t say which one it is, but let’s just say that they’ve been bad for a while now.

I considered “divorcing” my team at the end of last season, very seriously considered cheating on them. But my heart overruled my head, and I decided to stick with it.

Being a fan of a team is like a marriage. You have to stick with it, for better or for worse, ’til death do you part. If you’re like me, and cheer for a lousy team, stay with them. Because that makes you a real fan.