Women’s Center requests article submission for Attune newsletter

The Tech Women’s Center newsletter, Attune, is changing its approach in an attempt to tune in to readers’ interests. The call for submissions for the Fall 2009 publication is for articles on any subject empowering to women, unlike previous years when articles were sought based on matching themes.

“We want this newsletter to be interesting and relevant for our community,” Women’s Center secretary Diana Lalani said. “By doing away with the theme, we hope to learn what our readers’ interests are and tap into a larger audience.”

For previous issues a theme was chosen and contributors were encouraged to write articles relating to the theme. “While we have enjoyed working around themes in the past,” Lalani said, “it is also true that a newsletter about women and the environment, for example, might not be interesting to all women on our campus. By including a variety of topics, we hope to reach more women with varied interests.”

All submissions must be original, fact-based articles of 600 words or less focusing on topics providing knowledge and empowerment for women in the Tech community.

Attune is published twice a year by the Women’s Center and the Commission on the Status of Women. Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to contribute their voice.

“We may return to themed articles for the spring edition,” Lalani said. “But we want to put this out there and see what kind of reader response we get.”

Deadline for submissions is Oct. 2. Articles can be dropped off in Pennebaker Room 203 or submitted to womenscenter@tntech.edu.