E-mail newsletter to consolidate info sent to student inboxes

Tech’s Office of Public Affairs is trying to improve how the University communicates with students by implementing an e-mail newsletter.The newsletter, Student Tech Times, will be used to supplement information featured on the Web site, published in The Oracle-which is printed nine times a semester-or e-mailed.

“Right now students receive several different e-mails from several different offices on campus,” said Monica Greppin, associate vice president for communications and marketing. “All of these e-mails could potentially fill up an inbox in just one day.”

Greppin’s office wants to reduce the number of broadcast e-mails by consolidating all of them into one major source. Students will not be able to remove their e-mail address from the mailing list.

“All of the content submitted has to be reviewed and edited by our office, with only important information being distributed,” said Greppin.

The first edition of Student Tech Times is slated to run in a month, with each subsequent issue running once a week. It may be published more often if there is a surplus of content or important additions.

The newsletter will be formatted to feature short, pertinent pieces of information for each story. Students will read further details by clinking on links accompanying each announcement.

Topics discussed will include: fundraising events, fee payment deadlines, sporting events and other issues relevant to students.

Although the public affairs staff will contribute much of the content, individuals and organizations can put a word in too.

“The beauty of this system is that anyone can submit information,” said Greppin. “Our office will edit and approve all content and from there it will be sent out.”

Information will be submitted via a Web site linked to Tech’s main site.

The Office of Public Affairs coordinates and supports University communications. It is the center for campus publications, media relations and web design.