SGA forms committees to research potential change

SGA created committees at its meeting Tuesday night to research the possibility of some changes on campus.Committees were created to research Redbox on campus, make copying free in the library, and increase retention through campus events.

Matt Nisbet, senator for the College of Graduate Studies, said that the idea of getting Redbox on campus was presented by an SGA member last year. He said that many students already use Redboxes in Cookeville, and a Redbox in a high traffic area on campus could do very well.

A committee was formed to determine how many people would potentially be using Redbox on campus and how much money it would cost, as well as potential revenue.

“We might be able to harness revenue [from Redbox] to SGA for students instead of into a general fund,” Sean Ochsenbein, SGA president, said.

Jill Williams, senator for the College of Business, proposed a bill that would allow students to use the library copiers free of charge. Currently, copying costs ten cents a page.

A committee was formed to research the financial implications of free copies, such as how the library will cover the costs of paper and ink.

A third committee formed will be looking at campus events throughout the semester. It will focus on how to get more funding for the Tech Activities Board and more activities that will increase student interest on campus.

Ochsenbein said that campus oriented events could increase student retention, especially between freshmen and sophomore years when many students transfer.

A final bill proposed to SGA at the meeting was submitted by Jonathan Hagar, senator for the College of Arts and Science. The bill would mandate that an e-mail would be sent out at the beginning of every semester informing the student body who their representatives are on SGA and would include contact information for each senator.

“This will try to bridge the gap between senators and constituents,” Hagar said. “Sometimes, when I talk to people, they don’t know who their senators are or what they do.” The bill would at least let students know who to contact with ideas and concerns.

SGA’s next meeting is at 9:15 p.m. on Tuesday in RUC Room 324.