SPECIAL REPORT: Tech student challenges Vinnie T’s parking rules

Vinnie T’s Clubhouse changed its parking rules this semester ending the free parking available during non-business hours with little warning for students.This is according to Jessica Cox, senior Human Ecology major at Tech, who approached the Oracle with this information.

The new parking rules call for students to purchase a $25 gift card from Vinnie T’s, which also serves as a parking pass. The change caught several students off-guard, when their vehicles were towed from the lot.

“Vinnie T’s apparently put notices on cars just one time [at the beginning of the semester],” Cox said. “I think they should have posted something on the side of their building.”

Cox had been parking at Vinnie T’s during non-business hours for the past two years before having her car towed.

“I have not purchased a parking pass from Vinnie T’s nor will I,” Cox said. “It cost me $65 to get my car back after it had been towed.

“If they would have given everyone the chance to note the change in parking, then I would have considered buying a parking pass.”

The Oracle contacted Vinnie T’s for comment. Attempts were unsuccessful.

“I honestly believe that their business is hurting and they are trying to make money any way they can,” Cox said. “Why else would they change it, but still allow you to park there for a fee?

“I understand that it is Vinnie T’s right to tow cars out of their parking lot. I just think that how they went about it and why they are doing it is sketchy.”

Cox had made regular trips to Vinnie T’s, making it a point to stop and eat every Tuesday.

“I will not go back to Vinnie T’s,” Cox said. “Shoot, I have no money to even go to Vinnie T’s after I spent $65 getting my car back.