4th and Long: Tech > UT? On paper, the numbers don’t lie

The Golden Eagles are ranked higher than the Vols. That’s right, the Tennessee Tech football team is ranked 43rd while Tennessee is ranked 46th in their respective divisions. Which team is better? Let me indulge you with some comparisons and see what you think.Who has the better quarterback? Tennessee’s Johnathan Crompton has thrown nine interceptions to Lee Sweeney’s three. Sweeney also has the edge in passer rating (149.6), completion percentage (65.5), and longest pass (53 yards).

Now let’s look to the defensive backs. What is all the hype about Eric Berry? How is he considered to be one of the best defensive players in the country when he doesn’t even lead his team in a single defensive category? Tech defensive back Dustin Dillehay has more interceptions (2), touchdowns (1), and interception return yards (41) than Berry (1,0,0 respectively). Dillehay also has 41 tackles to Berry’s 50, but keep in mind that Berry and the Vols have played six games to Tech’s five.

As a head coach, Lane Kiffin holds a winning percentage of 30.7; Watson Brown’s? 38.0. Is Kiffin really worth $2 million? Brown’s salary for 2008 was $149,350. Who’s earning their pay?

Tech is off to its best start in nearly ten years, but nobody is talking about it. It’s time for you to take a look at Tech football. Besides, it’s still free to get into Tech’s games.