Show some respect: Tech is my university too

For my article this week, I decided to take a look at the manners and etiquette, or lack thereof, on this campus.Let’s begin with an incident that occurred last Thursday in Swoops. As I walked into RUC, I caught the tail-end of a commotion in the dining area. What I managed to catch was several students leaving the building shouting profanities such as “F*** You” and “F*** That.”

After asking some questions of the people around there, I found out that the angry students were asked to clean up their mess. At which point, they slung the insults at the workers of Swoops.

Since when is it so much to ask you to clean up after yourself?

Then, I found out something even more interesting. Several sources have confirmed to me that they were members of our football team.

And they wonder why people don’t come to the games.

Who wants to support that trashy behavior? I don’t.

Oh, and the coup-de-grace? Thursday night was the night Rodney Atkins came to Tech to raise money for Mustard Seed Ranch and guess who? Tech athletics.

So, thanks guys. You make the University look like garbage when people are spending their time and money to support you. That’s not to say, however, that acting as such is ever acceptable.

Let me say now, this is not a crusade against Tech athletics.

I have worked with many great athletes through a plethora of avenues, whether tutoring or staff.

Take for example our softball team. They compete for the Ohio Valley Conference championship every year, while ranking nationally for academics and donating their time to the community.

There is nothing I want more than for Tech to be great in the OVC, but some of the displays put on by our athletes are unbelievable.

You are not better than non-athletes, though some of you definitely think you are.

You want me to come to your games? Make me want to care: act like someone who represents this University.

There are many people working hard to make sports at Tech the best they can be, people like Lance Jasitt. They give so much time and effort to the programs, it’s unbelievable.

So, let me take the time to say thank you to the members of the athletic staff that give their time like they do.

But this problem is not limited to athletes; there are plenty of common courtesies we can all do for each other.

1. Hold the door for others. It’s going to take you an extra two seconds to hold that door for the next person.

2. Don’t be ridiculously loud. You should have a good time in school, but laughing and yelling loud enough that I can hear on the next floor? Not cool.

3. Turn down your speakers. I’m happy you found a type of music you love and want to share, but not everyone wants to hear it.

Oh, on a side note, when your speakers rattle because the bass is so high, you’re doing it wrong.

4. Just be polite. It sounds so simple but then why is it so rare?

We all share this University, so be courteous of those around you. And remember, if a donor is offended by a student’s actions and stops giving money, guess where the University might have to go to replenish the funds?