New book club forms at Women’s Center

A new opportunity to read and discuss literature is available for book lovers at the Women’s Center. Students are invited to take part in a book club lead by Katey Perkins, a student worker at the Women’s Center.The club will meet at dead hour on Tuesday in the Women’s Center to discuss “The Handmaid’s Tale” by Margaret Atwood. However, new members who have not read or not finished the book are also welcome to join.

“The idea for a book club came out of discussions with incoming freshmen at the SOAR sessions this past summer,” Perkins said. “A student asked if we had a book club and we decided there certainly could be one if others were interested.”

The group picks a book each month to read and then meets at the Women’s Center on the first Tuesday of each month to discuss it.

“The objective is mainly to create an atmosphere where students can discuss books that open their minds to new ways of thinking and looking at the world around them,” Perkins said. “It’s also a way to create new connections at Tech, as well as to introduce more people to the hidden gem that is the Women’s Center.”

Book selection is not limited to any specific topic.

“Originally, we started with the idea that we would read books that specifically addressed women’s issues,” Perkins said. “That felt a little too binding. So, we broadened our search to books that we or important literary critics felt needed to be read and then discuss them from a woman’s perspective.”

The December selection is “Mansfield Park” by Jane Austen and the group will meet 11 a.m. Dec 1 at the Women’s Center. Book selections for the spring term will be made at the December meeting.

The Women’s Center is located in Pennebaker Hall Room 203. For more information, stop by or email womenscenter@tntech.edu.