REVIEW: Kings of Convenience – “Declaration of Dependence

It’s been a long five years since Kings of Convenience released their “Riot on an Empty Street” LP. The Norwegian duo consisting of Erlend Oye and Eirik Glambek Boe has finally released their highly anticipated follow up album “Declaration of Dependence.” Oye and Boe have composed a mellow, relaxing album with hints of melancholy intertwined throughout. While some have pushed the band to adapt Oye ‘s dance and techno background and incorporate it into the new album, they instead chose to use the simplicity and strategic instrumental texturing as the premise behind the album. The album has some fans and critics wanting more songs like “I’d Rather Dance With You” and “Misread” from Riot on an Empty Street. The single off the record “Mrs. Cold” uses a layering of stringed instruments including acoustic guitar, cello and stand-up bass. The constant percussive slapping of the guitar’s neck gives the song an upbeat tempo without losing any of the whimsy and charm of the song.

“Boat Behind”, a single in other countries, layers a simple violin line over a bouncing bass and guitar line that could make a guard at Buckingham Palace want to grab a partner and dance.

The overall feel of the album creates an imagery of a cool and foggy autumn day, which seems fitting with its release date. Whatever the reason for the long lapse of time between albums, it was worth the wait. The record is well produced, lyrically and instrumentally inspiring, and evokes intimate emotions. It leaves you with the feeling that people are better off together than apart, as the title suggests.