Tech rugby falls to Lee University in tough match

In a controversial rugby match on Saturday, Tech fell to Lee University 19-10, but only after a tough fight to the end.Winger, Danny Hickman, and Fullback, Gerome Govero scored for Tech. After Hickman scored a try, Govero scored the extra point, as well as a penalty kick field goal.

Junior, Ben Hobbs, a flanker for Tech, felt his team “played really well this game, especially under some tough circumstances.”

Tech disagreed with a few of the referees’ calls, in which they believed cost them momentum in the game. Also, because of the excess amount of rain recently, Hobbs said they all had a tough time getting footing in their scrums on such a “water-logged field.”

More controversy was presented when a player from Lee tried to tackle Tech Rugby President, Nate Xanders. Then, when a teammate from Lee came to help out, he ended up blowing out his knee. The ambulance was called and they wheeled the player off the field.

Despite a few discrepancies throughout the game, Tech had many highlights in which allowed them to walk away feeling confident.

“Our strengths in this game would have to be our ability to play as a team, which we have been working on this season,” Hobbs said. “We communicated well with each other this time.”

Hobbs also mentioned that Tech shined on Saturday with their ability to ruck and set up their defense to hold their opponents.

“Our scrums are getting better every game we play, we are not getting beat as easy like earlier in the season,” Hobbs said.

As Tech prepares for their season next semester, Hobbs said he feels “very confident in [his] team.” They are not losing many players, so Hobbs believes it will be a good opportunity to continue to learn and grow together through experience.

“The new kids we have in the pack are getting more knowledgeable about the sport and catching on to what they need to do on defense as well as offense,” he said.

Tech has had a lot of practice this semester with playing teams in upper divisions; Hobbs feels this should give them an edge on their in-season matches.

Through a series of tough, upper-level matches this year; they realized a few things necessary for improvements in order to be ready next semester. Among their focuses for the rest of the semester will be improving their fitness and ball handling skills, better communication on the team, better defense, rucking and scrums.

“We pretty much need to focus on polishing up the little things that just hold us back from being a contender in the South Championship, and the National Championship,” Hobbs said.

Tech has one game left this season before their offseason training begins.

Their last game should be an entertaining one as they “have some guys that just graduated coming back that are really excited to see if we still have it,” Hobbs said.

The alumni game will take place at Tech this Saturday at 10 a.m.