Alpha Psi Phi throws down (about six feet)

In the buzz of Tech’s homecoming week, plans are in the works for a party with an apocalyptic feel. Alpha Psi Phi, Tech’s science fiction & fantasy club is busy preparing for their post post-apocalyptic Halloween party on Saturday in the Multipurpose Room inside the Roaden University Center. The post Halloween party will be post-apocalyptically themed and is being held after Halloween due to homecoming taking up the RUC for the whole week.”The Halloween party is the one event I can’t wait for out of the whole year,” says Gina Dennis, Alpha Psi Phi’s Empress, or president.

The party will have a DJ playing all kinds of spooky music for the guys and ghouls. Anything from Bach’s “Toccata and Fugue in D Minor” to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” will be played to enthrall those deadbeats into the partying spirit. To accompany the eerily themed music will be music videos and AMVs, or anime music videos, up on a large projector screen.

“Zombies vs. Humans is the best part of APP’s Halloween party!” exclaimed Leaha Moss when asked what her favorite event at the party would be.

Zombies vs. Humans is a game played at Alpha Psi Phi’s Halloween party that seems to be infamous among its members. The game is played with two teams, the zombies and the humans, who vie to capture each other’s flag. Humans use Nerf guns to shoot invading zombies, which forces them to return to their base while giving the humans enough time to capture their flag and return to their base before being tagged and turned into another zombie amongst their ranks.

Music and games won’t be the only thing keeping the recently deceased partiers from turning into a blood-thirsty mob. Alpha Psi Phi will also be showing a movie for all those zombies who are too stiff to play, a chance to have some fun while they watch their brothers and sisters tear open a path of destruction in “28 Days Later.”

Of course, once the party is over that doesn’t mean that the fun will stop. After the zombies shamble on out of the university center, the group will be heading out with a local ghost hunting group. The group will be investigating cemeteries and churches that have given their permission so as to avoid any actual zombie slaying on the part of the police.