Fitness Center to host state doubles racquetball championships

The 2009 Tennessee State Doubles Racquetball Championships will be held at the Tech Fitness Center on Nov. 21. Racquetball players of all ages will be traveling from across the state to compete for the title. “This is the first time Tech has ever been able to host the tournament,” Suzann Hensley, assistant director of university campus recreation, said. “We are excited to say the least.”

All players compete in two games until 15 points are scored and a tiebreaker is played until 11 points are scored if the first two games are split.

Eyewear is mandatory. Medals will be given to first and second place finishers in all of the divisions.

The Fitness Center has eight racquetball courts. The courts have a first and second floor viewing area.

Campus recreation has purchased bleachers for extra seating for the games. Participants will have free access to lockers, locks, and towels. Lunch will be provided to all participants from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. A hospitality room will also be provided.

“We have hosted two or three invitational tournaments, and they keep getting bigger and bigger,” Hensley said. “We get complimented on our organization of the tournament, hospitality, and our facility.

“The great thing about hosting it at Tech is that we are centrally located in Tennessee. Whether you live in Johnson City or Memphis, it isn’t that far of a drive,” Hensley said.

Campus recreation wants Tech students to participate in this tournament. Half of the first event’s fee of $20 will be paid for for Tech students.

“They will be surprised as to how well they will do,” Hensley said.

The entry forms must be received by Nov. 16 at 5 p.m.