Wilma Carr scholarship available through Women’s Center

Wilma Carr scholarship applications for Fall 2010 award year are being accepted at the Women’s Center now through Dec.15. The scholarship was established by Fleet guard Inc. in honor of Wilma Carr, who lost her life at the hands of an abusive husband.

“No records are kept from year to year,” Gretta Stanger, director of the Women’s Center, said. “However, based on the statistics on domestic violence and other family trauma in our society, I feel sure that there are many more who would be eligible than the number of applications we usually receive.”

Qualified applicants are current or prospective students who are survivors of domestic violence, child abuse or similar unfortunate situation and are in good standing with the university. All applicant information is kept strictly confidential. Because of the sensitive nature of application information, all applications must be turned in to the Women’s Center.

“Those who apply online at Scholar Web for a scholarship have to post the name of the awardee online for all to see,” Stanger explained. “This scholarship does not identify the awardee publically at all. The awardee is notified by their preferred method and we are able to directly inform the appropriate financial aid person, who understands the reason for confidentiality.”

Applicants must submit a goals statement as well as a description of the circumstances that qualify them for this scholarship.

Once all applications have been received, a selection committee will review submitted materials and select recipients.

“The small committee that reviews the applications meets and discusses the information submitted,” Stanger said. “The applications that do not provide all the requested information, like signature to check grades or the statement of goals from the applicant, are the first to be eliminated.”

After the review process is complete, all application information is shredded to maintaine confidentiality.

Applications and more information are available online at www.tntech.edu/women/scholarships or at the Women’s Center in Pennebaker Hall Room 203.