Career Services starts semester with resume building workshop

The Office of Career Services now offers more resources to better prepare students for the job search because of the bleak market.This year, in addition to the usual career fairs, Career Services will conduct two resume-building seminars.

“They should be really helpful,” said Jade Smith, a senior business major. “There isn’t a class that teaches you how to write a resume, but a good resume is crucial to finding a good job in this economy.”

Career Services director Alice Camuti said she realized more than a year ago how potentially vital her office could be during an economic recession.

“We all came together in this office and decided that we had to be prepared,” Camuti said. “We focused all our attention on helping current students secure employment upon graduating, despite the job market.”

The first seminar is scheduled from 9 a.m. to noon Tuesday in Prescott Hall; the second is scheduled from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesday in Johnson Hall.

Don Foster, associate director of Career Services, said these seminars will hopefully give students confidence in their resumes, which could help boost participation at career fairs.

“We love when students come to us for help,” Foster said. “This is the time they need to come to us the most.”

Foster works closely with the organization of the career fairs and said the number of potential employers attending the career fairs is down, but the economy has not affected the quality of the businesses that attend. Foster said the majority of the businesses who attend the career fairs bring job opportunities with them and actively seek new graduates to hire.

Career Services will hold four career fairs this semester. The first fair, an engineering fair open to all majors, is scheduled for Feb. 18. Currently, 48 businesses are scheduled to attend.