Grant awarded to chemistry department

Tech’s chemistry department recently received $50,000 from the National Science Foundation for new instruments in the laboratory and new technology in the classroom.The chemistry department has experienced rapid growth throughout the last 10 years.

“The faculties treat students like family and are planning to manage growth of the department in the future with potentially less resources,” Boles said.

They are incessantly working on receiving grants from the NSF for both research and teaching. They are expecting more than $3 million from the state.

“We will know in three weeks,” said Jeff Boles, chemistry department chairperson. “Two million will be used for research space and 1.6 million will be used for the remodeling of Foster Hall,”

Tech helped more students graduate from the department from 1997 to 2007 Boles said. With Tech’s chemistry department producing 235 graduates during that time, the only Tennessee university with more during the same period was Vanderbilt.