Impending Tech Village renovation speculated to displace students

Tech’s $8 million budget for renovations of Tech Village begins this summer and is expected to last into summer 2013. According to Charles Macke, director of residential life, the state law is requiring new sprinkler systems throughout all residential housing by 2012. Starting on Tech Village West, buildings A through M, workers will gut the inside of all the buildings, forming more energy efficient housing. The 560- square- foot apartments will consist of new plumbing, electric wiring, and fixtures. Macke plans on surveying current residents for their input on what they would like for the new rooms. Bigger closets and changing the 1 bedrooms into 2 bedroom are some of the existing ideas.

“We are trying to have the best possible housing at the best possible price we can,” Macke said.

However, residents of Tech Village are bound by a 12 month property lease. These residents will have to relocate during the renovation. Macke said that a survey would be sent out soon to the tenants on where they would like to stay during that time. One option Macke mentioned was for the tenants to live in the apartments previously used to house over flow freshmen.

Ashley Smith, 20, said she was recently told that she would have to move out.

Smith believes that the housing is in need of renovation, but wishes someone would have let her know about the renovation before she signed her lease back in August. Smith is attending school on soccer scholarship, which currently covers the price of housing in Tech Village. Smith said that she is waiting on someone to tell her where to move.

“It’s not the fact we have to move out,” Smith, one of the many athletes living in her building said. “It’s about our scholarship.”

Tech Village, built in the 1960’s, is the only apartment housing on campus. Residents are students who are married, single parents, 26 years of age, graduate students, have disabilities or are of a junior standing. Some faculty and staff also live in Tech Village.