Outstanding Tech Alumni to be recognized

The 2010 Outstanding Alumni Award reception and dinner are tonight at the Leslie Towne Centre in Cookeville. The reception starts at 6 p.m. and dinner will follow around 7 p.m.. “Our alumni come from a wide variety of backgrounds and achieve success in many different fields from their degrees at Tennessee Tech,” said Tracey Duncan, director of alumni relations.

The award recipients are Barry Wilmore, Barbara Jared, Mike Ingram, Kent Johnson, J. Michael Winchester, Don Jackson

Wilmore received his Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from Tech. Wilmore was one of the first Tech graduate student athletes. He was an active member of the Navy becoming a captain and Navy Test Pilot instructor. While in the Navy he flew 21 missions as an A-4 pilot then proceeded to perform initial flight tests for T-45’s. He also has five years experience flying F-18’s in the Navy. Tech received national attention begining in 2000 when Wilmore was chosen as an astronaut candidate. In November 2009 Wilmore piloted NASA’s STS-129 space shuttle mission to the International Space Station. This mission involved Wilmore and his crew delivering Express Logistics Carriers as well as replacement parts. The mission was a success and only took a little over ten days to complete.

Jared graduated from Tech with her Bachelor’s Nursing in 1984. She is also an assistant professor of Nursing. She teaches both graduate and undergraduate courses. Jared helped establish a Susan G. Komen cancer affiliate in the Upper Cumberland. She also works at the Prenatal Clinic offered through Putnam County Health Department helping a variety of patients. Jared is an avid member of her church and also spends ample time with the public schools and health systems.

Ingram has been busy since his graduation from Tennessee Tech with a B.S. Accounting in 1973. Ingram is the director at-large for Tech’s College of Business Administration. He has been employed with KraftCPAs PLLC since 1974; KraftCPAs is known for serving those in the manufacturing, wholesale, and non-for-profit entities. Ingram has also served many not-for-profits such as Healing Wings, Armed Services Mutual Benefit Association, and Boy Scouts of America, on top of being a treasurer and elder at his church.

Since graduating from Tennessee Tech in 2009 with a B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies Johnson has been heavily involved as a mentor to children who attend the Cecil Webb Center in Knoxville. He has held the Center Director position since 2001. Children under Johnson’s care are given visits to campus; as well as quizzes and participate in contests that revolve around Tech. Johnson was also named 2009 City of Knoxville Parks and Recreation Employee of the Year.

Winchester was a top baseball player during his tenure at Tech. He graduated in 1975 with a B.A. in History at the top of his class and received the Derryberry Award. Winchester went on to become a banking lawyer in the Knoxville area. He also has served on the board and as president of numerous associations. Winchester gives back to Tech through the Winchester History Lecture Series since 1986, and he continues to fund it.

Tech alumni Jackson has traveled the world recording with numerous different choirs and artists such as the London Symphony Orchestra and Kenny Rogers. Jackson graduated in 1969 with a Bachelor of Science in Music Education. Once Jackson graduated he became the band director at Hendersonville Junior High School before taking a position with Iliad, a recording and production studio in Nashville. Johnson has eight true classical albums that he conducted and has sold more than a million units. Jacksons recording does not stop at classical music; he has recorded with musicians from all genres of music including country and pop.

To honor these outstanding alumni, visit ttualumni.org. Tickets are $20 per person and can be purchased online, or call (931) 372-3205.