Vandalism incidents rise on campus

Tech police are searching for suspects and looking for ways to prevent future vandalism after responding to two incidents in one morning.According to a Tech police report filed on Jan. 26, a faculty member found graffiti in the east stairwell of Foster Hall, between the second and third floors at approximately 7:35 a.m.. A similar incident was reported at Memorial Gym at 7:03 a.m..

Upon further investigation, Lt. Donald Frazier found a portrait of a face on a hallway wall on the third floor and another on the door of a residence hall room on the first floor.

“We believe they are tied together,” he said. “They were all the same color paint and same type of graffiti.”

Since the beginning of the semester, four reports of vandalism have been filed. Frazier stated that it is among the top reported crimes on campus. He said he is adamant about finding the responsible party because clean up of the damages is paid for out of student fees.

“Vandalism is a growing problem on campus, a few months ago [Sept. 19] we found gang signs on generators near the old nursing building and Cookeville police found the same signs at the Regional Health Center,” Frazier said.

Several students filed reports last semester that their vehicles had foul words and pictures painted on them.

Yet another complainant reported that a larger group of cars and some campus property had been defaced. At least six more vehicles had been vandalized with the same type of paint on North Whitney Avenue. Cookeville police then reported that The Regional Health building, along with brick enclosures, sidewalks, and electrical boxes, was painted on as well.

To report evidence, contact Tech police at (931) 372-3234, or stop by the police department at 845 N. Dixie Ave.

The Putnam County Crime Stoppers office is offering a reward for any information leading to the arrest of the responsible party. It can be reached at (931) 520 – STOP (7867).

As of press time, the graffiti in Foster Hall has not been removed. For official campus crime updates, visit www.tntech.edu/police/police-crimelogs.