Chartwells offers healthy eating options

Whether the motivation comes from trying to keep a New Year’s resolution, avoiding the famous Freshman 15, or getting into shape for spring break, there is no doubt that fit-minded people strive to eat healthier around this time of the year. Students may feel that frequently eating in the cafeteria limits their selection of healthy food choices; this is a misconception. Healthy alternatives to the traditional cafeteria food are offered every day.Price and nutrition are both considered when selecting food available in the cafeteria.

“Customer preference and satisfaction is the number one thing,” said Teresa Hall, Director of Marketing/Dietitian when asked about the importance of nutrition while planning meals. She later went on to state that if students are determined to eat healthfully, there are a number of options available for them.

There are healthy alternatives offered in the cafeteria throughout the day. Grilled chicken, whole wheat rolls and low fat salad dressings are available. Typically, there are two types of unsweetened cereals all day. Most vegetables are steamed and have nothing added to them.

Chartwells, the company who oversees the school’s cafeteria, uses a corporate program called “Balanced Choices”. A special cookbook is used, and an entrée from the book is incorporated into the cafeteria’s daily meal plan. These special entrees are typically lower in fat, sodium and calories.

The staff is currently seeking to occasionally replace unhealthy desserts with healthier options, such as trail mix. One of the cafeteria staffs’ most recent ambitions is to have at least four different types of fresh fruit every day.

“Fresh fruit is always a hit,” Hall said.

One of the most important things to keep in mind while trying to maintain healthy eating habits is portion size. Tech offers an online nutrition journal, and anyone who has access to Tech’s website may use it. Using the online journal is a simple way to keep track of your calorie intake. A list of foods and the number of calories each food contains is posted online.

If a student desires to eat wholesome foods, it is possible for them to do so and eat in the caf