Panhellenic conference room layouts revealed

New Hall North is expected to be completed in Aug. 2010. NHN will have six new suites, four of which will be National Panhellenic Conference chapter suites. The living learning communities will use the remaining space for meetings, programs, and classroom instruction. Residential Life Association will also use those rooms until the sorority system expands.None of the NPC sororities at Tech have access to a solid place to meet on campus. The suites will provide a stable meeting place for the sororities.

“None of the NPC sororities have had sorority suites since Dixie Rye, which was torn down in 2001,” said Katie Winningham, Coordinator of Greek Life and University Programming.

Formal sorority recruitment in the fall will now take place in NHN instead of the RUC. In the past, each sorority would have to draw out of a hat for which room they would be in during formal recruitment. This uncertainty will no longer be happening, because each sorority has their own room.

“The sororities won’t have to cart their stuff back and forth to the RUC,” said Winningham.

Each sorority can customize and decorate their suite in a way they feel is appropriate. This ranges from flooring, colors of the walls, to upgraded baseboards. However, any additions to the base cost above the suite will be paid by the sorority.

Each suite has access to a kitchenette, a refrigerator, two bathroom and two closets. These suites can also be used to for a studying or hanging out during class.

“I’m not aware of the other housing situations in Tennessee, but I think it’s a necessary addition for us to flourish and grow,” said Winningham.